Island Coons is a small  family Maine Coon cattery. 
We are situated on Långö in Karlskrona, Sweden - hence the name of the cattery.



Our cattery is a member of the Calmare cat club, affiliated member of Sverak & Fife.
We are also member of TheMaineClub-Sweden.

The cats are living with us as full members of our family. 
They have access to a large  closed yard in direct connection to our house.
We also have a smaller cat yard as a complement.

Our cats are tested for HCM (heart disease) and HD (hips).

We use AnimalsDNA as our health partner for testing.

All our cats have an insurance in Agria Insurance Company .

We raise kittens for social company, breeding and exhibitions.
Our goal is to breed standardized Maine Coon with well developed social temperament.

From time to time there will be kittens for sale

The kittens have to be at least 12 weeks before they move to their new homes.
At that time they are registred in SVERAK & FIFE and have an official pedigree

They are ID chip tagged, fully vaccinated and with a recent veterinary health certificate.
All our kittens are sold as in-door cats.

Please feel free to contact us if interested in our kittens.
We only sell kittens with personal contact with the buyer.
We also highly appreciate a maintained contact with our buyers after the kitten has moved.